‘Overdose Thrill’ reviews from Reverbnation

“WOW!. I love it! it’s like rock & roll meets a little country meets a little pop. The lyrics to this song have perfect meaning and sound great the lengthy instruments and the guitar sound, which sounded great with the artist’s voice. This song meets a whole new rock & roll base that ‘s been waiting!. I also like the artist voice and how it fits with tone and sound and of course the song edit. Nice sorta classical rock song.”

“Cool drum intro. Nice drums and guitars. Good to see a bassist get involved and play more than a boring old bassline. Vocals have a Buddy Guy feel to it which is great. Keep doing what you’re doing. Awesome song overall!”

 “Nice tempo to start off the song. Very upbeat and energetic. I appreciate the vocals that are utilized and the lyrics help progress this song as well. The electric guitar in this piece is fantastic! The potential for this lies completely in the movie industry. It would be a great song for the protagonist to sing in a karaoke bar and then get into a massive bar fight. This song is pretty awesome. Has some potential”

 “It has a fairly strong rich opening. the vocals are full of confidence and feeling. the instrumental is very engaging and driving yet at the same time balance so it doesn’t overpower the vocals. overall , it has that rich strong rock music feel to it with a strong commercial potential”

“The fast paced action music is pretty good at the start, and the vocals are introduced rather nicely as opposed to just being thrown in there like most of the other garbage I’ve listened to. It ‘s pretty nice to listen to this. Granted, the melody isn’t catchy, but the lyrics are very nicely written and the message can be conveyed from it quite easily. I think it ‘s something people can relate to fairly well. I like how the guitar solo sounds, I think it ‘s a fantastic piece of work. I can see that the song was nicely produced, thoughtfully composed and crafted with quality over quantity in mind, like most artists should make their music in these days.”

“The vocalist in this song is very good. He has a lot of power and emotion behind his voice and it carries well in the song. The backup vocals harmonize well with the lead vocalist. The rhythm is fun and the tempo is quick. The background instrumentals are very well down and the guitar work is very entertaining. Overall, this song is very well done.”